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Produced in 1999


Intended for first aid at home or when traveling, treatment of wide range of diseases and face cosmetology.

Main features

  • individual self-correction of the device tuning to particular patient;
  • “SCENAR-therapy” — basic action mode for expert evaluation and treatment;
  • additional intermittent mode of action for treatment of loco-motor disorders and for prolonged action during self-treatment;
  • multilevel expert evaluation of the state of the area being acted upon;
  • analysis of asymmetries of the areas;
  • exact dosing.


  • multilevel regulation of action energy
  • state of the area being acted upon
  • activity and changes in the area during treatment
  • contact of the electrodes with skin
  • end of dose


Coaxial electrodes.

Power supply

Two galvanic cells, size ААA, 1.5V

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