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Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical” was founded by Alexander Alexandrovich Karasev, the inventor of SCENAR devices, SCENAR-technology and other technologies for medication-free treatment and health recovery, with the purpose of carrying out research and implementation of scientific, engineering, technical and methodological developments.

SCENAR stands for “Self-Controlling-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulation”. This abbreviation was invented by A.N.Nechushkin — the head of Laboratory of the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Technology and methods of SCENAR-therapy, developed by A.A.Karasev and “LET Medical” Research Lab are protected by patents for invention.

Our R&D works are protected by over 40 patents in the Russian Federation and Europe.

The first patent for a device, implementing SCENAR-technology — the Author’s Certificate No.1817335 ”Electrostimulator” (application No.4171898 of 04th January 1987) — is one of these works.

But all this had started much earlier.

In the beginning of 1970’s Alexander Karasev invented a method of treatment without medications, a specific device — electrostimulator. He continued his development work as a student at Taganrog Radio-engineering Institute named after V.D.Kalmykov. Alexander Karasev brought his invention — energostimulator to the Institute scientific department. He had been developing it since 1972 and the models were named ENS-01, ENS-02, ENS-03 and ENS-03T.

This development work was not included in scientific program schedule or R&D projects of the Institute. With the help of V.G.Zakharevich (the head of department where he worked), Alexander Karasev continued working on this project. It had been finished in 1986 and was named ENERGONEUROSTIMULATOR (SCENAR-03T). At that moment it was not protected by author’s rights and to be able to do this, one needed to apply for and obtain a patent (author’s certificate). During Soviet times this could only be done through state enterprise or government institution. V.G.Zakharevich helped Alexander Karasev to file an application for a patent for invention on behalf of the Taganrog Radio-Engineering Institute. Co-authors were mentioned as follows: V.G.Zakharevich — the head of the scientific department of the Institute, A.N.Nechushkin — the head of laboratory of the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics — he carried out the first trials of the device and invented the word SCENAR. A.N.Revenko — neuropathologist, who carried out the medical part of the patent, A.N.Kiberev — the immediate supervisor of A.A. Karasev.

Within the scientific facilities of the Institute it was impossible to launch any serial production of SCENAR devices. All that could be done is just a few experimental samples.

Finally, in 1990, A.A.Karasev founds his own private company — Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical”.

In his own Lab Alexander Karasev continued working on SCENAR technology and designed a new device — SCENAR-035, carried out all necessary clinical and technical trials, developed and registered technical requirements and specifications, obtained permission certificate of the Health Ministry for serial production of this device.

The first serial production of SCENAR-035 devices was launched in 1992–1993 by Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical” at “ARKAIM” enterprise under the guidance of G.Ya.Fursov, in Essentuki.

The first time SCENAR device was officially registered and permitted for use in medical practice by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation was in 1993.

At the same time “LET Medical” Research Lab continues R&D work in the field of non-invasive medication-free treatment and health recovery, which resulted in new models of devices and new treatment technologies.

The efficiency of our development products is being proven by practicing doctors every day during many years, both in Russia and abroad. Health recovery stories, doctor’s reports and feedbacks from the patients, both quite expected and unbelievable, we publish and share with you regularly.

SCENAR is able to help not only humans, but animals as well. Nowadays SCENAR technology is one of the most prospective methods of treatment in veterinary medicine. It is especially popular for treatment of horses — in UK, Australia and New Zealand. But dogs, cats and even birds have been saved and benefited from SCENAR-technology at lot as well. We continue R&D work in this field and also specially upgrade some models to provide maximum comfortable application of SCENAR-technology in veterinary medicine.

Another special and successful application field for SCENAR-technology is dentistry. According to statistical data which we have got during over 20 years of use, this technology proved to be effective in the following cases:

  • difficult and painful teething (mostly “wisdom” teeth),
  • exacerbation during periodontitis,
  • pains during exacerbation of chronic periodontitis,
  • pains or unpleasant sensations after canal filling,
  • alveolus pains after tooth extraction.

R&D works in dentistry are also carried out for remote electrode probes, for direct local application on the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity.