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SCENAR history

SCENAR — from idea to ideal

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The first device named SCENAR. It was developed for serial production at the “Priboy” factory (Taganrog). The casing was milled out of one solid piece of Plexiglas. The casing was 0.7—1.5mm thick and bent in the region of the electrode to make it more convenient to use. This was full imitation of molded plastic. In fact, this casing was much better than the real plastic one which would be made later.

Electrode: coaxial, rectangular, with little “bumps” on the surface to provide better contact of the electrode with skin on the hairy areas.

Digital multistep control of energy with “up” and “down” buttons. This device had only two frequencies of action which could be selected with the buttons. Two LEDs indicated energy level and frequency.

New switch — switched on pauses to make expert evaluation.

Power supply: built-in accumulator was charged from solar batteries which were developed specially for this device — one silicon wafer produced 15V instead of usual 0.4V!

* out of production at the moment